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The best place online to get a little woody!!!

Little Woody iPhone Backs are real wood and manufacture for your iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s. Available in Quilted maple, Bamboo, Cherry, Teak, Mahogany, Walnut, Purple heart, Padauk and Aluminum You can pick your favorite logo, quote, or whatever you want custom laser etched onto your custom iPhone back. You can even choose from a white or black bezel, to perfectly match your iPhone.And yes we use the factory oem iPhone lenses and flash defusers.

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Although the iPhone’s glass back panel is made of a relatively tough glass material with an oleophobic coating, it’s still susceptible to shattering and fingerprints. We want our iPhones to be more durable without having to enclose them in cases which hide the beautiful design. Wood is a perfect material to replace the glass back panel, for durability as well as aesthetics. The back panel of iPhone consists of a plastic bezel frame with a glass inlay. We take a new bezel frame and attach a solid piece of hardwood. Unlike stick-on veneers, the relatively delicate glass is removed from your iPhone and kept safe, and the overall thickness remains, so your iPhone remains compatible with most bumpers and cases.

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How to get a little woody?

You can order fromStart Shopping or contact us your about your custom logo or picture, and yes we will send you a free proof.


Shipping is free anywhere in the US. Orders are custom assembled and at this time take 2-3 business days and shipped right away. Once your order ships you will receive an email with the USPS tracking number. For international orders, the tracking information may vary in detail once it leaves the US.