They installed him as chairman of the committee.

Everything is going to be okay so there's no need to worry.

The washing machine facilitates my housework.

What else could it be?

You know I'm not good with secrets.

It isn't permitted.

I will leave if it is fine tomorrow.

There is nothing to him.

I'm looking for a new assistant.


Fritz had a reputation of being very violent.


Drew enjoyed working for Avery.

They settled near the Connecticut River.

I easily found his office.

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She's fun, carefree, smart, full of surprises.

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I will make sure of it.

What's your favorite program on TV?

He drives roughly.

I can add many sentences in different languages.

Winter's coat's off.


Harmon lay on the couch sound asleep.


The result is opposite to our expectations.

This is a misunderstanding.

I wanted to surprise her.

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This is how he has succeeded in running the factory.

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I furnished him with food.

By changing those things which need to be changed.

Why do cats purr?


Which do you like better, rock music or classical music?

Theo is a dancer.

How much is everything?

Byron couldn't talk.

I know when to quit.


Our plan has gone askew.

Creativity is what we're looking for.

Plants breathe through their stomata.


Hillel is going to have to do it by himself.


To change the flag, click on the flag icon and choose the correct language.

You were the only one who knew where Jem went.

You can see the Empire State Building from here.

I am sorry.

Kyle is extremely good-looking.

This is interesting to no one.

I won't be able to meet you tomorrow because something unexpected has come up.

How do you avoid snacking between meals?

I'm tired of studying.


God can be found everywhere.

Imogen of the Internet is not yet notable on Wikipedia, but it is one of the many things she aspires to.

She asked how his father was.

I thought you'd be tired.

Drive out your needs through the door, they will come back through the window.

I really don't care what Santa thinks.

Have you finished packing yet?

Young people should respect old people.

Heinrich changed direction.

That scientist is responsible for many discoveries.

Sir found Herman lying unconscious on the kitchen floor.

She smiled.

I'll make sure Konstantinos does what we asked him to do.

Wes agreed to wait.

You need to exercise more.


You don't seem very impressed.

It's probably a false alarm.

This tree bears a lot of fruit.


I was already tired.

He's on the dance floor.

She went out to get something.


I don't buy a lot of candy.

I have warm feelings for that doll.

I didn't realize it was a secret.

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Do you know anything about predicting the weather?

Is this the place where the accident happened?

Never in my life have I seen such a peaceful sight.

Down came the ceiling and the dog went away.

This really is great weather.

Let's go grab a bite somewhere.

The Alpinists carried out the ascent, but they did not return safely.

I suppose Diana will have to go.

I think I know why Leif doesn't like Pilot.

I seriously doubt that.

How many countries are members of the United Nations?

She always cries when he is drunk.

The blood-stain cannot be removed.

I wish I didn't have to work this weekend.

Did you find the difference between these two photos?

Belinda has no free time.

Ranjit went back to Boston yesterday.

You should take advantage of this opportunity.

I'm just a little dizzy.

Robots are smarter than humans anyway.

Seymour wondered who Srivatsan was looking for.


Will you stamp this letter for me?


Hubert hadn't been prepared for that.


He has just become headmaster.

He is in great trouble about that.

I hope Douglas agrees.


Carlo completely ignored me.

There are also nightclubs where you dance flamenco.

Life on earth may be expensive.

Where you live?

I'm trying to find a new job.

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I'm offended.


That was all just a lie.

I take pride in what I do.

You can't express that in words.

He is apparently a pianist.

I'm here to talk about them.


You may be right, but we have a slightly different opinion.

Light colors reflect more sunlight than dark colors. That's why people are more comfortable in light-colored clothing in the summer.

Did Ann give you anything for me?

Molly's truck was slightly damaged.

Mayuko dived into the cold water.

Dan manipulated Linda into signing her money over to him.

How much cake can you eat?

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I don't consider my myopia as an impediment.

He accused me of having stolen his watch.

He has got well, so that he can work now.


Frederick really does like Boston.


I don't need lawyers.

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You amuse me.


The cherry trees are in full bloom now.

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I thought you'd end up going to the party with Amir.

I might stay.

The cat is safe.

Cathrin stirred up the crowd with his moving speech.

I'm going to rest before I go out.


I'm sure you are wrong.

Who's that cute guy I saw you with yesterday?

That's all Becky has to say.

Amir used to play the piano professionally.

The boat is heading toward the harbor.

You haven't changed a bit.

She cheered for her favorite horse.

English is spoken in Canada.

Get them before they get us.

Harris will call her mother-in-law.

What do you like on your salad?


Laurie and Thierry arrived to Boston early in the afternoon.


If you can't read, it's not my fault.

The doors were closed.

A major breakthrough in our understanding of the universe took place in the 1920's thanks to American astronomer Edwin Hubble.

I don't really like him anyway.

Do you think we convinced her?

We're very grateful.

Find out what Pablo is carrying.

She got up to answer the phone.

I'm going to teach you some karate.


Kayvan fixed the broken radio.

These articles are not for sale.

Where are the meters?

The students studying over there are my friends.

I saw a video of a man who can fry chicken without using tongs.

Who was this done by?

"But what's the contents like?" - "Your tents? You want to go camping?" - "No, I'm asking if you liked the book. Is it interesting and would you recommend it? Is it, after all, a book worth reading and, here's my last question: Should I read it?" - "Sorry, what did you say? I couldn't hear, because this book is simply too interesting."


She was like a second mother to me.


Everyone has their own opinion.

Sometimes I want to break your fingers.

There is a tendency to utilize underground space for the less ornamental purposes of civilization.

This film is based on a novel.

He put the gun to his head.


I'm pleased of my doorman.

Ravi had no one but himself to blame.

I haven't had any alcohol for six months.